Hey, Robert here.

I launched Pungo Insights in 2023 to unlock high-ROI analytics at the speed you need.

I spent the last 7y unlocking cross-functional analytics capabilities in "slower" industries (logistics, CPG, manufacturing).

In my world, product changes, sales cycles, and new partnerships easily take 6-months. A well-informed decision depended on rigorous data project management.

Scoping, creating, and maintaining data stacks provided the foundation for meaningful analysis. Stakeholders needed to deeply understand performance and trends to take action. Can't easily revert a code change and call it good!
Pungo Insights started in 2023 as an experiment to see how this end-to-end delivery process would hold up in startups operating in other industries like media, fintech, and entertainment.

We've narrowed down our thesis to this: prioritize reliable data to enable teams to move faster and make better decisions. Our data quality-centric approach is well suited for disruptors in more mature industries that have historically struggled with data validation.

If that's you, reach out and let's help you investigate and tell the story that no one else is onto. We'll figure out the best path for time to value and having reliable data at the same time.

Our Framework

This prioritization framework summarizes our approach to unlocking scalable analytics capabilities for you.

Automation - Invest in tooling to easily execute analysis and make it highly reusable
Adoption - Stakeholders make decisions while being held to measurable goals
Insight - Ability to answer the “why” for wide range of business questions
Literacy - Shared understanding and reporting on important metrics
Reliability - Data sources/pipelines/stores are accurate and reliable

Talk to our assembled team of senior-level data analysts, engineers, and advisors today!